Fred Périé

The mirror dreams only of the mirror,
Silence watches over silence
Anna Akhmatova

The reality of time
Video installation and performance
Music stands, colored filters, video projector, smartphones, experimental device.
Fred Périé, 2021

keywords : installation, performance, video, interaction, feedback, real-time, live cinema, digital art, new media art

Our world seems to spend its time measuring itself and mirroring itself through its technical appendages. From these constant reassessments result our uncertain actions. Reflecting this state of things, the installation brings into play the luminous phenomena that emerge from the interaction of our cameras with the projected image they produce.

In a dark space with no light other than that emitted by one or more projection screens, spectators film with smartphones. These images are transmitted to a computer which produces a live editing, which is immediately projected. It's live cinema. The editing uses the usual cinema effects, sequence of shots, flashbacks, slow motion, accelerated, zoom, reverse, negative, overlays, etc. Here, however, there is an important reference to live, to real time, even if streaming does in fact imply a non-zero time lag.

A scenography is created on site using colored gelatins, reflectors and opaque surfaces. It is within this space that the public strolls. A performance can be organized there with those who wish (see video).