Fred Périé

Captured December 2010
What if, there underneath...
Interactive video installation, 2010

Inside a dark room, the image is projected on the floor from above. Everything happens as if the scene was taking place downstairs and we could watch it through an opening in the floor. There, twice the same body, nude and clothed randomly drawn among 11 characters, interacts downstairs with the image of the viewer.
Improvisation by :
Virginie Aimone, Burç Akyol, Jonathan Caretta, Rachel Dano, Philippe Desclais, Mathieu Diebler, Magy Ganiko, Maryline Guitton, Bruno Jouhet, Marion Lo Monaco, Mathilde Tixier

Special thanks :
Marc Bonnet, Stephanie Briand, Sandrine Colin, Franck Gourdien, Emilia Guidicelli, Catherine Piéderrière, Michel Thiboult...