Fred Périé

Image taken during the opening night of the festival Côté court 2017
L'autre de l'autre (The other of the other)
Documentary film and device for the movie theater, 2018, 83mn
Fred Périé & Franck Gourdien

L'autre de l'autre
is based on the illusion that the person, who is talking on the screen is inside the room where the film is projected. This raises the question of the presence of the public as a justification of reality. At the same time, the other tells us of another who is not here. The spectators are indeed filmed and see themselves alongside witnesses who tell us about their relationship to others through personal stories. It is as if these witnesses, thirteen in all, one after the other, were here and it is with this "as if" that the theme of empathy is indirectly evoked.

This is a film: It has a beginning and an end, it follows a precise editing and lasts about 95 minutes. It is also a computer work precisely intended for the cinema. The incrustation in the captured image of the room is the only effect that affects the filmed narratives. Conversely, present spectators are subject to real time digital processing : zoom on some viewer, panoramic, empty room, only one spectator seemingly present...

There is no action at stake for the public, the image is not interactive in the computer sense of the term, but it also deviates from usual films to become a surface, that is sensitive to the reality of present time. It thus tries to question the subjective link between the filmed person and the spectator/ participant.

The narratives are interwoven with shots that situate the witness outside the context of the testimony and are chosen specifically to enlighten them in a special way.