Fred Périé

Generative cideo (2005-06)
Variable dimensions
Approximate duration  : 6 loops of 4 cycles 7 mn each

Red liquid drips slowly from a wall in vague, winding tracks. The process goes on until the wall's surface is almost entirely covered. Then, in a second phase, the drops become translucent, erasing the red. Still on a random trajectory, they do not entirely clean the wall. The red returns, but this time the dripping seems not to leave any trace in some places. Little by little, as if revealed by color, signs appear which are understood to be crossed-out handwriting. Then the translucent drops appear once more and the cycle starts again, revealing a new page of the manuscript. The process is accompanied by generative music, which mixes piano notes and speech fragments, using the same formulas as the ones engendering the drops' trajectory. This produces variations that all differ from what might initially be identified as a unique shape.
There is something incessant that wakes me up, indecent, I don't know, this is brutal ! Something that oozes from crack in an old gray and dirty wall, which seems to have staid there bearing all the traces of organized horrors. Or would it simply be the impression of suddenly being aware of what I am not and that I would like to be, the echo of some shameful part... We then could be some kind of wall.


-Cube Festival 2008, Le Cube, Issy les Moulineaux, commissariat Carine Le Malet