Sans titre, un portrait de Marion Baruch
(without title, Marion Baruch's portrait)
Photo and interactive video diptych, 2011
Variable duration

In 2009, the artist Marion Baruch, completelyempties out a room in his small two-room apartmentin Paris and invites the public to discover it. The intimate space, deprived of its bearings, is transformed into an art work entitled Une chambre vide (An empty room). The room became a place for possible encounters, clearly the opposite of simple vacuum. This Diptych was made at Marion's invitation and in resonance with her work. Photos and videos were recorded on site. Static shots of the window at  dusk and of the sun projection on the wooden floor, show the passage of time as it naturally flows. With this slowness, the video is almost equal to the photo. However, when somebody directs his gaze toward the frame, everything becomes progressively accelerated and the movements of the sun and clouds are all of a sudden revealed. A photo is shown next to the video, with Marion Baruch's body, lying on the floor. In the background a camera films through the window.