The production of space
Interactive video, 2012
Integrated computer, frame, passe-partout*
Dimensions 48.5x37cm
Duration 9h 13' 51"

This work is a continuation of En cours...(1), an ephemeral installation made in 2012 in a field of Normandie. The field was filmed in static shot during the whole summer by a surveillance camera. Here we use the video corresponding to an entire day, namely July 19 2012, from dawn to dusk.

When no one looks at the screen, the video is accelerated, so that the entire daytime is reduced to less than an hour. However, if the audience's gaze is captured, then the video progressively slows down to the point where we match the natural flow of time. We then begin to hear the murmur of wind and we see things as they happened (shadows of clouds passing, sun rotation, agricultural work, tourists visiting the field...)

The eyes of the viewers are indicated in the field as patches of bright light, that follow the movement of each spectator.

After approximately one minute of presence, we see a group of people enter the field and wandering about. This enigmatic presence disappears if viewers withdraw. The persons in the field may bump into the light patches, that figure the watchers, and move them.

*This interactive video can be displayed on any type of screen.