Fred Périé

Butoh dance show
Choreography and dance Magy Ganiko
Scenography Fred Périé
Duration 50'

On the stage, two space, revealed by white columns in the front, black ones in the rear. Each column basis is a right angle, which seems to determine a possible interior and possible exterior. The coexistence of these possibilities, defines two definitely different spaces. In the front, the white interior is the place for the figure. It is inhabited by a crude light, at the beginning very white. Then the light seems to precisely stick to dancer's movements. Light and shadows are actually projected from the flytower by a powerful videoprojector; they seem to be drawn live by the dancer's body. At some point, traces may stay on the floor, sometimes ephemeral impressions of a suffering body, sometimes abstract drawings left by the dance itself.

In Okinawa's language, "Utaki" means a  strange and unique space, which can be formed of rocks, trees, or even a pond or stream. They combine to form a "religious shrine" in the heart of nature. The deeply animistic tradition of
Okinawa's shamans has spread widely across all islands of southern Japan.

- video excerpt