Fred Périé

Sans titre, à... (Without title, to...)
Multimedia installation, poetry, non linear editing, 2007
Dimensions 100x100x75 cm,
Variable duration

On a ordinary table lie two screens on which is displayed a non linear editing of animations, photographs and short videos together with original poetic texts. This set belongs to a mail chronicle titled liste frouge, that was sent on a regular basis from 2002 to 2008. Texts are neither legends nor comments of images. Images are not illustrations of texts either. The sequence of elements follow a variable path, which is generated according to proximity maps, that were intuitively elaborated for text and images. The path is seldom the same, as it is generated at each step by a random draw among the neighbors found on the maps. Each sequence has its specific duration, but the public has the possibility to suspend time by pushing a simple button, in order to read the text at his own pace or to freeze an animation.

Exhibitions :
-Cube Festival, Le Cube, Issy les Moulineaux, curator Carine Le Malet
-Une autre Histoire, Centre d'art et de culture de Meudon, curator Guylaine Monnier