Fred Périé

Infractions @ Jehay
Installation inside a grove (2009)
Château de Jehay, province de Liège, Belgium
Bone glue, earth pigments, linseed oil
Dimensions ~400m2

A red liquid seemed to have been shed in an isolated grove, leaving traces. The visual effect is expected to be unsettling or ambiguous : What happened there? How do we justify our presence within this fragile ecosystem? Infractions was in fact using a natural red paint (bone glue, earth pigments, linseed oil) . The paint was laid on the ground and on deadwood and was degrading within roughly 2 months under the influence of  weather, mould and insects, vegetation eventually taking over.

"To enter ot not to enter ? the wood  or the work ? the work or the spirit of the work ? the spirit of the work or the spirit of the artist ? To enter into oneself  as into Nature ?"
Philippe HOORNAERT, curator of  Couleurs³, the exhibition"

Special thanks to Chantal Douette, Christophe SwerdtFegers

Vivre c’est être en infraction.
A une règle ou à une autre règle.
Il n’y a pas d’alternatives :
ne rien enfreindre, c’est être mort.
La réalité est infraction.
L’irréalité l’est aussi.
Et entre les deux flue un fleuve de miroirs
qui ne figure sur aucune carte.
Dans ce fleuve toutes les règles se diluent,
toute infraction devient un autre miroir.

Roberto Juarroz
in quatorzième poésie verticale, n°74
Ed. José Corti, 1997