Fred Périé

Les témoins @Riorges (witnesses)
Ephemeral installationin a park, May June 2012
Granite, bone glue, broth
Land Art Festival, Riorges (Loire FR)

This work is derived from another experimental work "La Chose". Here, the in-the-open installation consists of twenty (or more) identical elements, made of local stone cubes, on which are molded biological cubes sharing the same dimensions as the stone base (20x20x20cm). The biological material used here is composed of a mixture of bone glue (protein), water and broth. With time, the bone glue dries, so that the cube progressively deforms tending to a spherical shape. In the same time, it also interacts with the weather conditions and biotope (vegetation, insects, bacterias, mold...) depending on their immediate vicinity. All elements are directly lying on the ground. They are arranged in the natural environment in an intuitive manner depending on their relation to the surrounding landscape. The set looks like a dispersed population in his natural habitat, silent witnesses bearing the accumulated traces of what surrounds them. Far from the spectacular, the installation is intended to be discrete; what is sought here, is the transformation processes and their variations depending on space and environment.

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